Our Mission

To use innovation, to apply technologies, and to create for each collector:
transparency, accuracy, and consistency for every card graded.

Grading Technology

TAG’s grading software is the only patented grading system to offer an objectively automated score using photometric stereoscopic imaging, proprietary algorithms,  and computer analysis.

Slab Features

Introducing the “transparent flip,” otherwise known as the “tag." Our tags are as transparent as our grades: 4 subs-scores, 1 overall score & 1 roll-up grade. TAG uses abrasion and UV resistant acrylic with the highest optical clarity available. Designed with radiused edges to maximize in-hand comfort, maintain extreme durability, & interlocking stackability.

Order Management System

Our Order Management Software (OMS) allows customers to utilize natural language input and a system of "tagging" to submit for grading, thereby eliminating the unnecessarily complicated and tedious input methods.

Turn Around Time

Technology allows TAG to meet or exceed the fastest/shortest turn around times in the industry. Specific turn around times to be announced.

Geo-Population Report

Advanced pop reports track both geographical distribution and number of cards by grade. TAG's pop report maintains integrity and accuracy due to digital fingerprinting technology and resubmission detection.

Submission Kits

TAG facilitates a user friendly submission process by greatly simplifying the time-consuming process of submitting cards – we provide everything you need to send your cards safely and securely.

Authentication & Security

Embedded in each slab are multiple layers of the patented Proof technology, which can be scanned and authenticated by your smartphone device at any time. 


TAG charges a flat fee based on turnaround time regardless of the value of your card. Technology allows us to treat every card the same. It’s your card. We provide the grade, you keep the profits. Grading fees to be announced upon the accepting of third party submissions.

Digital Imaging & Grading Report

By scanning the TAG Score QR code in the top right hand corner, any customer or smartphone user can quickly pull up high res images of the identified defects, measurement annotations, card Ranking, Population, and Chronology.

SFX Display (TAG Xray)

View the high resolution, composited, photometric stereoscopic images captured by the TAG system. Use the opacity slider which allows you to toggle between viewing the card as seen by the image capture device vs reality.