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TAG Is Hiring

TAG is seeking people who have a passion for technology and where it intersects the collectible’s hobby. We want individuals who want to be part of a projected significant growth curve and join a team that will recognize and reward team attitude and initiative. As a startup company, we welcome employment that recognizes the two-way nature of creating a career and long-term opportunity for success. At TAG, we are building a learning community where you can work with diverse individuals, acquire skills in new technology, and work in an environment where you can learn all facets of the industry to make an impact. Our employees are sports lovers, tech gurus, and gaming fanatics who work out loud and share their knowledge to enhance each other’s growth.

If you’re a collectibles enthusiast, or if you want to help TAG become a leader in the collectibles market through our values of transparency, teamwork, and innovation, we’d love to hear from you.

To view our current job openings and submit an application, please view our company LinkedIn Page here:


Silicon Beach, California

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